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According to data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO), meningitis caused by N. meningitidis serogroup C accounts for about 300,000 cases of bacterial meningitis a year and more than 30,000 deaths worldwide. In the UK, meningococcal disease is the leading cause of death in children from one to five years, and the leading cause of death from an infection up to the age of twenty years. For the period of 1998/1999, there were an estimated 1,530 cases of meningococcal C infection in the UK, resulting in 150 deaths. Approximately 40% of cases were due to group C disease.

Sporadic epidemics occur throughout the world, with seasonal variations. Most cases occur during winter and early spring, often following influenza epidemics. Although reporting is still incomplete, available data clearly indicate a global increase in the disease. Outbreaks have been reported from many countries over the last 30 years.

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