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TBE Meningococcal Disease Influenza Smallpox


In fatal cases, death occurs within the first week after onset. It has been suggested that the Far-Eastern TBEV subtype is more pathogenic for humans as compared to the European TBEV subtype, because the mortality rate in areas where Far-Eastern TBEV subtype is prevalent has beeen reported to be significantly higher (5–20%) than in Europe (0–3.9%).
However, the data of seroprevalence studies contradict these findings. The prevalence of antibodies to TBEV in populations living in the endemic areas in Europe and Russia are in the range from 1% to 20% and from 30% to 100%, respectively.
This raises the suspicion that a large proportion of mild diseases may not be diagnosed or are underreported in some areas of Russia. The findings of different severity of TBE in diffe¬rent areas may either be the true difference in the clinical presentation or be a result of different diagnostic criteria and patient selection in the studies.

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