Hereditary Diseases

Hereditary Diseases Phenylketonuria is an excess of the amino acid phenylalanine. Often resulting from a lack of the enzyme that degrades it, a surplus of this amino acid can cause severe seizures and brain damage. Growing in incidence and prevalence, this disease is now detected by required screenings at birth. CH, or congenital hypothyroidism, is an insufficient thyroid gland. Caused by missed hormone triggers or...

Down’s Syndrome

Down’s Syndrome When a child is born with an extra 21st chromosome, they are said to have Down’s syndrome. Also known as trisomy 21, this disease affects roughly one in every seven hundred people. Down’s syndrome squanders physical and cognitive development, greatly increasing risk for congenital heart disease and neurological conditions. With consistent cognitive and physical therapy, however,...

Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases Carotenemia, a condition characterized by too much beta-carotene within the bloodstream, commonly manifests itself around a baby’s first birthday. When the baby ingests foods containing beta-carotene, which includes most orange and yellow vegetables, the skin turns orange or yellow. While this condition is usually not harmful, it is often misdiagnosed as a much more significant counterpart:...

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