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Life. Made better.

The story began back in 1956: At that time the founders of Immuno in Austria, Dr. Eibl and Dr. Schwarz, successfully cooperated in the development of a polio vaccine. And twenty years later, in 1976, Immuno started production of the vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

The other story began in 1990: North American Vaccines was founded. And in 1998, this company was the first independent vaccine manufacturer in more than a decade to enter the US pediatric vaccines market with its first product, a diphteria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine. Only two years later a group C meningococcal conjugate vaccine, was launched in the UK.

Today, we are all a part of Baxter Vaccines and we are part of US-based Baxter Healthcare Corp. At Baxter Vaccines, we are on our way to be a leading force in the vaccines market driven by the promises of a healthier future.

And today, you can see the global achievements of innovation in vaccine research and development: Polio is almost eradicated - thanks to the common efforts of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the vaccines industry. After the smallpox eradication in 1977, polio was the second disease the WHO had targeted. Measles could be next.

Life. Made better.