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Baxter is a fast-paced, technology-driven company that provides its employees with opportunities for professional growth, as well as the flexibility to achieve a balance between work and personal life. Being part of Baxter means working with teams that are involved with leading-edge research in groundbreaking areas of science and technology. It means opportunities to work with new manufacturing processes and in product development. It involves on-the-job training in sales and marketing. And it means working in a global environment as the company builds on its presence in international markets.

Looking for a new challenge? At Baxter Vaccines, we can offer you various positions in Vienna/Austria, at our Biomedical Research Center in Orth/Austria, or at our Maryland/USA facilities.

Please contact the following individuals, if you would like to get more information about job opportunities within Baxter Vaccines.

Austria: Lothar Wenzl
Baxter Vaccine AG
Uferstrasse 15
2304 Orth/Donau

USA: Stephanie Merritt
Baxter Healthcare Corp.
10150 Old Columbia Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046