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  Annual TBE Morbidity

In the years 1997 to 2000, the average TBE incidence in Germany with 82.2 million inhabitants and 533 clinical cases was 0.17/100,000 per year. In the German high-risk foci, the average incidence rates were 0.29 in Bavaria and 0.87 in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In Latvia, with 2.6 million inhabitants and 2,797 cases in the last four years, the average TBE incidence was 26.9/100,000 per year. Latvia is in fact the country with the highest TBE incidence in the world.
It is evident that, in the past, morbidity among forestry workers in Austria was much greater than in the population in general. Since regular vaccination campaigns have been organized by the vocational organizations concerned, morbidity of TBE in the most exposed groups has been impressively reduced. Before the annual vaccination campaign was introduced in 1981, the incidence of TBE in Austria was in the range of 600 cases per year. As a result of the vaccination campaign with the Austrian TBE vaccine, the incidence has been significantly declining and about 50 to 60 cases per year are now recorded.

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