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Clinical Development

  Testing vaccines for your health!

There are three phases of clinical trials that a vaccine must go through before being licensed. Phase I trials involve a small number of volunteers (around 20-100) and are designed to assess safety. Phase II trials include more volunteers (several hundred) and are used to collect additional data on safety and the vaccine's ability to stimulate the production of antibodies that fight against the virus or bacteria the product is designed to prevent. In this phase, there may also be trials to determine the appropriate dosage and test minor changes in its composition. If the vaccine is shown to be well-tolerated and immunogenic in phase II, phase III trials may begin, which usually involve several thousand volunteers. Therefore, you can be sure that a vaccine has been safely administered to a large number of human volunteers before it reaches the market.

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Baxter receives preparedness contract from Austrian Ministry of Health for Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
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Baxter Announces Safety and Immunogenicity Results from Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Cell-Based Candidate H5N1 Pandemic Vaccine
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Baxter initiates clinical study with cell-based candidate H5N1 Pandemic Vaccine
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