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  Safety Monitoring

As vaccination is so common and distinctive, often illness symptoms that occur after vaccination are attributed to this experience. While some of these symptoms may indeed be related, often they are unrelated events that occur after vaccination by coincidence. For this reason, research and systems to collect information on any adverse experiences that occur after vaccination have been designed to determine whether or not they are really related to the vaccine.. As is the industry standard, Baxter has a unit that is dedicated to monitoring all such reports in people that have been vaccinated with one of our products.

Vaccines are an essential part of preventative health care, and their importance will continue to grow in the future as new innovative vaccines are developed and licensed.

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Baxter receives preparedness contract from Austrian Ministry of Health for Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
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Baxter Announces Safety and Immunogenicity Results from Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Cell-Based Candidate H5N1 Pandemic Vaccine
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Baxter initiates clinical study with cell-based candidate H5N1 Pandemic Vaccine
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