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Currently no causal treatment is known for TBE. However TBE can be successfully prevented by active immunization. Prevention by special clothing and/or tick repellents has proven not reliable enough and the registration of TBE-specific hyperimmunoglobulin for post exposure prophylaxis has been suspended due to concerns about antibody dependent enhancement of infection.

Baxter offers the leading TBE vaccine in Europe, 0.5ml for adults from 16 years of age and 0.25ml for children and adolescents 115 years. The vaccine has been registered in Austria since 1979 and has been widely used for many years in more than 20 European countries. 80 million doses have been administered since then. Residents of and travelers to TBE endemic areas, who are at risk of tick bites, are advised to receive TBE vaccination.

The Austrian example shows that containment of TBE is feasible by mass vaccination. In the pre-vaccination era, Austria had a very high recorded morbidity of TBE probably at that time the highest in Europe. In high risk areas, the average annual incidence in the population exposed to ticks in their working environment was 0.9/1000. A mass vaccination campaign was started in 1982 and continues annually since then. The vaccination coverage of the total Austrian population is high and reached 86% in 2001; in the highest risk areas even 95% (Table 13). 66% of the total population abide to the recommended vaccination schedule, including regular booster vaccinations.

In particular, the vaccination program for school children has proven to be highly effective. TBE infection in this age group has decreased to a very low rate of 2.3% of the total recorded cases.
The increased vaccination coverage has resulted in a marked decline of the morbidity of TBE in Austria. This s not seen in other European countries with low vaccination coverage. The incidence of TBE can only be influenced by a high vaccination coverage and is not achieved until general vaccination is undertaken.

For any further information about Baxter's TBE vaccine, please contact your physician.

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