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TBE Meningococcal Disease Influenza Smallpox


No specific therapy for TBE is known so far. Since there is no specific treatment targeting the virus itself, symptomatic treatment of patients with TBE is required. Strict bed rest for at least ten days is imperative. In many Austrian hospitals, encephalitis patients are referred to intensive care units for continuous surveillance as a precaution. Only when their temperature is down to normal, and neurological symptoms have subsided, the patient may start to leave bed briefly for washing and using the toilet. For another 1 to 2 weeks predominant bed rest is recommended to avoid complications.

Maintenance of the water and electrolyte balances, sufficient caloric intake, and the administration of analgesics, vitamins, and antipyretics constitutes the most important lines in the clinical management of patients. Physiotherapy of paralysed limbs is essential to prevent muscular atrophy.

Man is the dead-end host in the natural transmission cycle of TBE. As man-to-man transmission of the virus has never been observed, there is no need to isolate TBE patients.

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