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2007/06/17 to 2007/06/23:   » read more
Toronto, Canada
Options for the Control of Influenza VI Conference
2006/11/06 to 2006/11/09:  
Montreal, Canada
World Congress on Vaccines, Immunisation and Immunotherapy
2006/10/10 to 2006/10/15:  
Queensland, Australia
IPNC 2006 - The 15th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference
2006/10/08 to 2006/10/11:   » read more
Vienna, Austria
World Vaccine Congress Lyon 2006
2006/07/12 to 2006/07/14:  
Bangkok, Thailand
Pandemic Preparedness & Infection Control
2006/06/23 to 2006/06/24:  
London, United Kingdom
Preventing the Pandemic, Bird Flu Vaccines
2006/06/19 to 2006/06/22:   » read more
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
bioLOGIC Europe
2006/06/19 to 2006/06/21:   » read more
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Vaccine Forum Amerstdam
2006/06/15 to 2006/06/18:  
Lisbon, Portugal
12th International Congress on Infectious Diseases
2006/06/07 to 2006/06/10:   » read more
Edinburgh, Scotland
1st Northern European Conference on Travel Medicine - NECTM2006
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Baxter Receives EMEA Positive Opinion for CELVAPAN, the First Cell Culture-based Pandemic Flu Vaccine
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The New England Journal of Medicine Publishes Study Investigating the Safety and Efficacy of Baxter's Cell-Based Pandemic, Avian Flu Vaccine
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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Completes Funding of 2006 Contract Award to CSCīs DVC and Baxter
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